We All Have Projects It could be fundraising, starting a business, marketing campaigns,
or launching a rocket to orbit.
Launching your ideas and campaigns with PRONEUR® is extremely simple. PRONEUR® combines email, social media and SMS marketing, with file sharing, task management, online presentations, group calendar and even faxes. task management email & file sharing online conferences social media group calendar sms blast
You can now manage all your project from ONE single location
with the professional grade tools every entrepreneur needs to get projects done!
Every platform supported!


    Keep track of all your projects, goals, members, and communications in our amazingly simple to use dashboard.

    Create unlimited projects. Each project can have unlimited use of our project management features.

    You can add new members individually or import entire lists from other tools like Outlook®, Gmail, Yahoo, etc.

    Create goals for your project and decide how often you want to keep track.

    Set automatic reminders for ideas, notes, favorite quotes, birthdays, or anything else you want PRONEUR to keep in mind for you.

    Managing tasks is simple. You can share tasks with other participants, track progress and your tasks are integrated within the PRONEUR application.

    Schedule events, meetings for a one-time occurrence or recurring ones. You can add notes, files and reminders to these events.

    All your participants can manage their emails from within PRONEUR®. You can use our default assigned emails or even your own.

    Sometimes you need to send messages to multiple participants quickly. With our SMS/MMS service you can reach them instantly and keep communication flowing.

    Manage all your social media accounts related to your project within PRONEUR®. You can even set future messages and automated recurring ones as well.

    Send and receive faxes right from the application view. This could come very handy for quickly signing documents without having to scan.

    Easily create notes, categorize them and share them with participants. The notes are editable and we keep previous versions safely backed up.

    Add files to your projects. You can also share files and even add comments.

    Schedule online conferences with as many participants as you want with UPLINK®, our own, built-in, online meetings platform.
    You can share PowerPoint® slides or simply share your screen. Communicate your ideas using Voice Over IP. Participants do not have to download software and there are no dial in numbers, pins and any additional expenses for you or them.

Stop The Madness!


You have contacts in multiple devices, computers, clouds, and none of them synch properly if not at all!


You manage your email marketing campaigns with services like Constant Contact or Webber!


You try to send group texts using your cell phone but you don’t have all your contacts since they are scattered in multiple platforms


You manage your projects with emails using Gmail, Calendar or GoogleDocs or with services like Base Camp.


You use services like GoToMeeting, Fuze, WebEx to conduct online webinars and presentations.

Social Media

You also communicate using Twitter, Facebook, and other social media tools.


You have the need to receive and send faxes so you have a dedicated phone line or use services like e-Fax.

In one single and easy to use platform you will be able to:

  • Create unlimited projects, goals, and reminders
  • Add unlimited users with different permission levels
  • Send unlimited emails & SMS/MMS messages to unlimited groups
  • Communicate your ideas with our extremely simple webinar tool UPLINK®
  • Manage all your to-do lists and calendars and share them with other users if you want
  • Chat with all the logged-on users that are part of your projects
  • Send and receive faxes through your own dedicated number
  • Upload important files and make them available to other users as well
  • Create notes and allow other users to collaborate with you and others on the project
  • And automatically integrate Twitter, Facebook and other social media tools into all of these features!

PRONEUR will be launching soon.

To learn more signup for our newsletter here. We will soon reveal our launch strategy, pricing, and how our Affiliate Marketing opportunity will help to launch PRONEUR worldwide.